The Hub – Which Olympian is posing with Snoop Dogg? Who’s Hanging with Usher? | 03/23/2015

This week in the Hub – Olympians celebrate the coming of Spring, we catch them up to some hijinks and can you name the Olympians and the famous faces they have been hanging out with?

Featuring Mo Farah, Snoop Dogg, Sugar Ray Leonard and Usher.

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Martin Bendik –
Samuel Mikulak –
Jorik Hendrickx –
Maxim Trankov –
Tara Lipinski –
Ragnhild Mowinckel –
Amy Sheehan –
Kjersti Buaas –
Mirabelle Thovex –
Warren Weir –
Sugar Ray Leonard –
Samantha Peszek –
Mo Farah –

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