Hello World

Hello World – The World Do’mination Begins.

iPhonedo is a technology channel that has been on the internet since 2007 and on YouTube since 2009.

Up until today the majority of iPhonedo videos have been in Turkish, some with English subtitles and very few fully in English.
In 2015, I’m preparing for what I call „The world do’mination“ a new chapter where majority of the videos are going to be in English with Turkish subtitles, so that anyone who speaks English can enjoy my videos.

I have possibly the most amazing followers any YouTuber can ask for. I call them „do’st“ meaning close friends. It is also a play on words combination of iPhone-do and dost. I hope you’ll become one too!

This video is very special, mainly because it is the first time I’m showing my face.

Thank you very much!

Amazing people who accepted to be in my video
AyNine: http://j.mp/AyNineYThttp://j.mp/tatdbang
ima & Jtuk: http://j.mp/imajtuk
Alyssa Price: http://j.mp/AlyssaPrice
Alp Turaç: Audio Plumber
Çeşme Yaman’ın dünyası: http://j.mp/CesmeYaman
Yiğitcan Kangul (The video at the opening): https://twitter.com/Biox565

A contact section will be open on my website http://www.iPhonedo.net soon. (it is not there yet)


Facebook: http://j.mp/iPhonedoFacebook
Twitter: http://j.mp/iPhonedoTwitter

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