Crappy Cell Phone Video of an Awesome B-29 Superfortress Ride

Forgive the video quality, we know it sucks, but we were so excited to ride on the only currently flying Boeing B-29 WWII bomber that we didn’t get any better video. We do have excellent photos and tech info though, so you can see that at

The Boeing B-29 was designed in 1939, and its first flight was 1942. At the time, it was the most technically sophisticated bomber of its time, with computer controlled weaponry and a fully pressurized cabin. There were about 4,000 B-29s made, 25 remain today, and „Fifi“ is currently the only one able to take to the skies thanks to the hard working volunteers of the Commemorative Air Force, which keeps her, and other historical warplanes in airworthy condition.

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