Is Jay-Z’s Tidal a Pointless Ripoff? #TIDALforALL

Tidal has launched and here is my opinion on Tidal – a new streaming music service #TIDALforALL launched by some of the worlds biggest music stars including:

Jay-Z (Celebrity),Beyoncé Knowles (Celebrity),Alicia Keys (Musical Artist),Arcade Fire (Musical Group),Calvin Harris (Celebrity), Coldplay (Musical Group), Daft Punk (Composer), Deadmau5 (Celebrity), Jack White (Musical Artist), Jason Aldean (Musical Album), Kanye West (Music Video Performer), Madonna (Celebrity), Nicki Minaj (Celebrity), Rihanna (Musical Artist), Usher (Musical Artist), J. Cole (Musical Artist)

They feel that streaming services are hurting them and so they bring you a $20/£20 a month lossless streaming service using FLAC.

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