EA screws Journalists in Battlefield Hardline

EA screws journalists in Battlefield Hardline. The team at Guru3D have stumbled on a humdinger of an issue with Battlefield Hardline that renders the game unplayable if you swap any hardware in your system like your GPU or CPU.

Here’s what EA’s DRM is doing, they don’t just verify the number of PCs you work on / use, nope .. they dare to monitor hardware changes now, which I am sure is a privacy breach on many levels. So once we insert new hardware (CPU / mobo or graphics cards) the hardware id # hash changes and if that happens a couple of times they are rendering your activation invalid.

What a bunch of rubbish ….

If this is the future for EA titles then you guys can forget about VGA performance reviews as EA is rendering that pretty much impossible now. I’ve now been waiting for like three or four hours and we are still locked out of the game. The only way to solve this would be purchasing another key and setting up a secondary account. This means that if we’d like to make a VGA performance review on Battlefield Hardline with a card or 20 we’d need to purchase the game three times.



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